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Joining the Technology Revolution—Sort Of!

rt 2008 redu (2)My inability to work with technology in a meaningful way flummoxes my husband since I have two book cases filled with science fiction books and have watched all the Star Trek series, Firefly, Battle-star Galactica (old and new), both Star Gate series and just about any thing else that is in that genre.  How, he wonders, can I be such a fan of futuristic fiction and have no concept of how to work the DVD player or forward an e-mail?  I keep telling him I’m waiting for the really advanced stuff that simply works on command so I don’t have to learn any of the boring details. 

He’s not buying it. Apparently the universe isn’t either, because irony of irony, after trying to get published for nearly 15 years I was picked up by Cerridwen Press, an e-publisher.   So you can imagine my husband’s amusement when my editor sent me the edits of my first book, Witch Ball, along with an email with all sorts of odd attachments.  Suddenly I was researching trademarks on the internet and editing my manuscript using something called track changes.  Over the past two years I have improved my computer skills.  Although I freely admit a friend designed my website, I set up MySpace and Facebook, mostly by myself.  I can now tweet on twitter and I have a blog and am working on a newsletter. 

My tech-savvy husband has been watching me with pride as I’ve slowly begun embracing technology, but even he was more than a little surprised when I bought a Sony e-book reader.  I decided if I was going to hop on the technology rocket, I’d go all the way.  I’m not completely sold on the reader.  It looses its charge faster than I would like and because of its design some of the down loads have print that’s hard on the eyes, but I’m slowly becoming fond of it.  It holds lots of books and is great for travel.  I no longer have to drag an entire bag of books with me. 

Leading the pack in e-readers is the Kindle from Amazon Books.  Whoppi Goldberg showed hers off on The View and former vice-president Dick Cheney has one, as does Oprah Winfrey.  Print books will continue to be a favorite with my generation, but the young tech savvy readers will most likely adopt the new, greener digital formats.  One day print books may end up being objects for collectors only or for the very rich as they were in the beginning of the print revolution.

 I’m not ready to part with my treasured print books.  And I readily admit having my own books in print is one of life’s biggest thrills.  But they’ll have to make room on my nightstand for my Sony reader.


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  1. Kathy,
    I laughed out loud reading this! I remember you used to say you were roadkill on the information superhighway. Well, no longer! Congrats on all your achievements in the electronic world.

    Great post!

    Comment by pattie | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Kathy,

    While reading your post I was wondering if you were writing about your husband and yourself, or rather my husband and myself. The similarities are so strong. I am a computer ignoramus recently educated by my DH. I have a notebook full of instructions, since he insists I write what he says. So I feel like the eternal student as far as technology. I am trying to buy an ereader, but DH considers it a waste of money: You already have so many books cluttering the house. Yeah, and I answer: well I am trying to unclutter the house!! Is the ereader worth its price? I am looking at a Sony too.

    Comment by Mona Risk | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. Lotsa good questions you raise, Kathy. New article about Amazon bypassing traditional publishers and the other big players, Apple and Google and what else is coming down the pike. Kindle is only the beginning; think iPhone on steroids. The times they are a-changin. Long, but very interesting.

    Comment by Bart P | August 12, 2009 | Reply

  4. Funny–even though I relish the new technology, the social networking, the online EVERYTHING…I’m still devoted to printed books. Living, breathing pages, with their oily paper smell and soft faded covers after I’ve loved on them for weeks, months, sometimes years. I think the Kindle looks like great fun and so convenient (especially for traveling), but I’m not parting with my bookshelves just yet. 🙂

    Comment by Jess | August 25, 2009 | Reply

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