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rt 2008 redu (2)I finally made it to one of the Writer’s Coffeehouse gatherings hosted by thriller author, Jonathan Maberry.  I’ve wanted to attend one of these since I took his marketing class last year.  I left feeling both exhilarated and depressed.  Talk about conflicting emotions.  The exhilaration stems from being in the same room with forty or so other authors, sharing ideas and experiences.  The air practically sizzles with creativity and passion for the craft and the business.  Nothing else in the world can beat it. 

The depression wells from the same source.  Whether you are published by a big traditional company like Jonathan, or a small press like me, self-published or trying to break in, the most important lesson to learn is that this is a serious business and definitely not for the faint of heart.  Fortunately, I learned that lesson a long time ago, but it’s still painful to be reminded that publishers are in the business for the money.  If they also happen to like books you should count it as a blessing.


Guess you better really love this writing gig if you’re going to get into it.  Being a bit crazy or a glutton for punishment appears to help too.  Guess I fall into the latter.  My temporary reality check not withstanding, this morning I headed directly to my computer to order pens, redesign my promotional brochure for two upcoming writer’s conferences and work on my blog.  And then it’s on to my work in progress which I plan to finish this week.   Can’t let that exhilaration go to waste.


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  1. Yes, it was an enjoyable meeting and a nice group of people. Meeting other writers and talking about craft and business makes the bumps in the road to publishing much easier.

    Comment by Kathy Kulig | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. I read this at work last week and didn’t have time to comment. I also enjoyed the afternoon–it was good to meet so many new people and talk to old friends as well.

    Comment by pattie | September 7, 2009 | Reply

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