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‘V’ Revisted

NJ Convention 2009 Head ShotI love science fiction.  As a kid, my older sister and I saw every grade B sci-fi film ever made.  Every Saturday afternoon we sat transfixed by giant ants, mole people from beneath the earth and invaders from Mars.  I discovered the genre in print in 7th grade when I read Starman’s Son by Andre Norton.  From there it was on to Bradbury, Clarke and Heinlein.  I read them all.  It will come as no surprise that I was a fan of the Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, Star Trek and all the other Science fiction genre shows that have come and gone on television over the years.  In the 80’s when ‘V’ arrived as a mini-series and then went on to become a series, it was one of my and my son’s weekly fixes.  He was thrilled when I took him to a science fiction convention in Philadelphia to meet Robert Englund (Willie who went on to fame in the horror films playing Freddy Kruger)  He still has an auto graphed photo and I have several pictures of him standing with fans dressed as Visitors.  I also got to meet author A.C. Crispin who wrote one of the V episodes, several books and co-authored one with Andre Norton who started it all for me. 

As these things go, V has returned to television.  Like Battlestar Galactica, it is a reimaging of the original show from the 80s.  The sexy, snaky Diana has been morphed into the gorgeous, charming (and we know just as snaky) Ana.  Instead of the male cameraman and the female, almost doctor, we have a female FBI agent and a priest as the leads.  Many other things have been changed, but the basic premise of alien reptiles coming to earth for water and food (that would be us) to save their dying planet remains the same. 

In preparation for the new V, the SyFy channel broadcast the original mini-series and TV series the past 2 weeks.  I must confess, hokey as they are, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in them.  The new V has a sharp, modern look to it and I love Morena Baccarin (Anara on Firefly) as Ana.  It remains to be seen, if it will draw a big audience.  As an author I’m fascinated to see how the writers on the show take the old and make it fresh.  That’s a skill we can all use with our own stories.  Some of the ones we’ve stored under the bed should no doubt remain there, but recent shows like Battlestar and V prove that a dated, problematic book, can, with some creativity, be retooled into a workable project.  So there still might be hope for a few of those books gathering dust bunnies under that bed.  Pull one out and dust it off today.  If this reimaging thing works for these shows, it might work for you too.


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