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Remembering Remembrance Day

NJ Convention 2009 Head ShotThis past Saturday I was in Staunton, VA, taking part in their Veteran’s Day parade.  After a miserable drive down in the mist and rain, Saturday turned into a beautiful ‘Indian Summer’ fall day.  The parade and following ceremony went off without a hitch. 

veterans' day parade 031 (3)

(Here I am with my friend, Teresa in our parade finest)

This weekend is Remembrance Day and the official end to the reenacting season.  Thousands of reenactors will descend on the small town of Gettysburg, PA to commemorate the Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address and the thousands of men who fell in battle 147 years ago.  My unit will start the day with a ceremony at the 88th PA monument.  We’ll travel to Greenwood Cemetery to leave flowers in honor of the citizens who rose to the occasion and fought their own personal battles when the two armies arrived on their doorsteps. From there we’ll move on to the National Cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of three of the 88th men who are interned there.  The afternoon is filled with the color and pageantry of a huge parade of all the units, both Union and Confederate.  As the sun sets, one luminary for each soldier who was killed will be lit in the cemetery.  The day will end with dancing to the strains of period music at a ball held in one of the original buildings of the Gettysburg Seminary. 

All of the above are distractions from my writing.  But I don’t care.  For those few hours I’m happy to remember the past and honor the fallen heroes of the 88th PA and the brave civilians of this sleepy little town who suffered through three hot, dreadful days in July of 1863.


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