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2009 is almost at an end. This past weekend my Civil War unit held their last event of the season at the Daniel Lady farm in Gettysburg, PA.  We do Christmas of 1863 in the beautifully restored farmhouse that historians are just beginning to discover played a pivotal role during the battle in July of 1863.  I’ve done all my Christmas cards and shopping. And final edits on Palace of Dreams, my first erotic futuristic romance are almost complete.  Lots of endings. 

Book endings in particular can be pesky things.  Nothing is more disappointing to readers than to follow characters and their story for several hundred pages only to get to a resolution that either leaves them with a flat feeling, or worse yet, causes them to fling the book at the wall while cursing the author for wasting their time.  It’s important to construct your plot so that all its conflicts, both inner and outer converge at the same time and place.  As the big black moment is faced, the protagonist must choose to act or not act so that the conflict is resolved and the character’s growth is revealed, leaving the reader to sigh with contentment at the satisfying conclusion. 

So imagine my dismay, when I thought the first draft of Palace of Dreams was complete, to discover (thanks to a conversation with fellow author, Chris Anson, on the way to RomantiCon in October) I had to rethink the entire ending.)  Somehow I had allowed another character resolve my female protagonist’s external conflict.  Wow, couldn’t believe I missed that one. 

Fixed now, so “all’s well that ends well.” Hope all of your endings are as satisfying.


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