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On March 5th, my latest book, Palace of Dreams, will be released by Ellora’s Cave Publishing under its science fiction/fantasy line, Aeon.  Although it’s my fourth book, it will be my first with EC.  The first three are with Cerridwen Press, the mainstream arm of Jasmine-Jade.  Writing an erotic futuristic romance was a new adventure for me, so I’ve decided that to promote the book I needed to explore different ways of promoting the book.  I also wanted to keep challenging myself in this brave new computer world.  To that end I’m embarking on a blog tour.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a blog tour is pretty much what it sounds like.  I’ll be a guest at 5 different blogs over the next few weeks.  At each of my visits I’ll post a brief article (all of them different, but somehow relating to the theme of my book) blurb and/or excerpt, book cover, etc.

 So why a blog tour? You might be asking.  While coming up with a series of brief articles was time consuming, I think it was worth it.  Each blog I’ll be visiting reaches a different audience, so I’ll have the opportunity of reaching people I’ve never reached before and with luck, a few of them will check me out and buy my books.

 So join the fun and come along with me as I embark on my travels.  I’ll be starting with Tina Gallagher next week then off to visit Tess Quin, Kathy Kulig, Bart Palamaro and ending the trip with Autumn Jordan.  I’ll post the blog addresses and dates each blog I stop at so that you follow my progress.


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