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Why Romance?

I can think I can safely say that for those who attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Conference last month that a good time was had by all.  I’ve included a few photos to prove the point. 

 Contrary to what most of the pictures show, RT is about a lot more than just fantastic parties.  It excels as a place to network with other authors, readers, agents, editors and booksellers.  And the workshops aren’t too shabby either.  So what did I glean from this year’s conference?  Well here goes… 

Carina Press is the place to be.  Harlequin’s ebook arm launches this month.  At the moment, they are seeking everything except YA.  As they like to say “”no great story goes untold.”  With the power of the Harlequin machine behind it, authors can expect good editing and strong company promotion.  Although a digital first company at the moment, I have no doubt that it will shortly go to Print on Demand. 

Swag’s purpose is not to sell books.   So why should we invest in all those bookmarks, key chains and post cards?   It’s all about branding.  We need to get our name out there in as many ways as we can so that readers begin to connect with our name and the sort of stories we write.  Once they do, they will seek us out.

 Men are invading.  More and more male authors from mystery, to thriller to science fiction are beginning to attend RT.  Why?  Well, it seems, some of them at least, have figured out that women make up the biggest market share of readers regardless of genre.  Where else to connect with this market than at a romance conference?  Successful and savvy male authors have also caught on to the fact that romance controls the largest market share of books sold each year.  These men are coming to find out how we do it and why romance consistently sells.  So what’s the answer?  There were a great many reasons proposed for romance’s continuing success.  I have a theory of my own… 

Romance is about hope.  It comes as no surprise to any of you that life is difficult.  Jobs come and go, children grow up, friends move away, loved ones die.  But pick up a romance and you can be assured that despite all of this anything is possible.  Love does indeed conquer all and happy endings are possible—for all of us.



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