Journeys of the Heart

An author's journey

About Kathleen

Not surprisingly I’m a lover of books.  I spent 30 years as a middle school librarian trying to share and encourage that same love in my students.  Now I’m a writer.  I write paranormal and historical romance for Cerridwen Press.  I also write articles and teach novel writing.  But that’s not all I do. I’m also a Civil War reenactor with both a northern and southern reenacting unit. ( I like to examine both sides of a subject. )  Although I’m well versed in the battles, generals and political aspects of the American Civil War, I let all that to the gentlemen.  I want to know about what the women did when they were left behind.  I have a bookcase full of books on women, fashion and the material culture of the time.   Oh, and as my husband likes to remind me, a closet full of reproduction period dresses.  Prissy missy pretty much sums me up in that department.

At the moment, besides planning for a period holiday program at the Daniel Lady Farm in Gettysburg, PA, I’m also planning for the Veteran’s Day Parade in Staunton, VA and finishing the final revisions on my latest book, an erotic futuristic romance.


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