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Thanksgiving Wishes

Remembrance Day 2009 is already a memory.  My ball gown and dance shoes are packed away until the next event.  Time to move on, but ripples from the Civil War, the era my husband and I reenact follow.  This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  Most folks are familiar with the Pilgrim and Indian origins.  Many Thanksgiving feasts were held afterward, but it wasn’t until Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Godey’s Lady Book petitioned (pestered might be a more accurate word) President Lincoln to declare the last Thursday in November as the official date for an annual nationwide day of Thanksgiving that the holiday as we know it really took form. 

I’ll be taking a break from writing as I clean and bake and get ready to cook for my family on Thursday.  Our gathering has gotten smaller over the past few years, but it’s always a good feeling to sit around the table together and discuss the Macy’s Day parade (an annual event in my family), the coming Christmas Holidays and memories of past Turkey days. 

From my family to yours,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. An interesting bit of history. Thanks!

    Comment by Janice | November 27, 2009 | Reply

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